Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Won an Award!!

The very first EPICALLY AWESOME AWARD OF EPIC AWESOMENESS goes to us! We weren't the only blog to recieve it. Several other blogs awesome got it as well! They were:
We all won this awesome award! Now we must write 10 epically awesome things about ourselves. There is 2 of us on here, so I will post 5 and the other momma will post 5


  1. I am very loud and outspoken.
  2. I love to read and write.
  3. I get brain farts when it comes to my writing! I am drawing blanks a lot of the times.
  4. I get addicted to crafting so much that, I have crafting ADHD. I can't focus on craft and then I have like 50 projects that are "being started"
  5. I have dreams to work, but I absolutely love being a stay at home mom!

  1.  I am very quiet, but have one heck of a temper!
  2. I am in Graduate School for Secondary Education, I plan on teaching College!
  3. I hate Winter. Hate Winter. Let me say that again. I HATE Winter. On the contrary, I love Summer!
  4. I volunteer at a Nursing Home, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
  5. One of my biggest goals in life is to write a book. I've started one, but I am taking my time and thinking hard. (Plus I get brain farts when I'm writing too, Cassandra!)