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Nice to meet ya'll!

Hello! My name is Jenny, and I am helping Cassandra with this awesome blog, and I am so so excited. Cassandra and I met several years ago, when she was pregnant with her oldest! Not going to lie, she is pretty awesome.

I am 26, almost 27. I live in Indiana with my husband whose in the Army, my 2 kids-Banana (4), and Buzz (2)-Not their real names BTW, just nicknames. I love being a mommy, it's challenging yet amazing all wrapped into one hot mess :) I just finished my Bachelors last Fall, and started my Graduate degree right after, but I'm on a break from that until February when I start back up with my Masters. I'm hoping to move somewhere warm soon, it's too cold in Indiana! Nice to meet everyone!

A little about me...Cassandra

I am Cassandra. I am married and have been for 6 years. I love my husband dearly and can't imagine life without him(unless he is really on my last nerve haha). We have 3 kids Ms. Diva-6, Ladybug-4, and Monster-3. I will use these nicknames for my kids because I don't wan to use their real names for privacy issues. I am 24 and going back to school to get my high school diploma and then onto college. My husband is in the army(getting out soon). I am excited to have him home! This is a little about me. You will get to know me better than I know myself after a few posts :)

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