Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yes, you read that right BLOGSCARS! We will be hosting a BLOGSCARS award ceremony! Much like the OSCARS! I am so excited! Once I work out the kinks, there will be a link put up on what to do and where to sign up! Are you interested? You could win this lovely beauty right here:

So keep on the look out for the link and info leading up to the BLOGSCARS!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

ADD blogger

I can't keep my blogs to 1 subject if I don't have a topic. I try not to jump all over the place, but I do. As you can tell from my latest post. In 1 post I have managed to discuss 2 different subjects. I am just that talented. Any other bloggers write out what they will blog before they publish it online? I am trying that. Still not working.

I think I need some inspiration. As if a house with 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a husband wasn't enough. Where is my blogging muse when I need it, him, her? I feel like the Mad Hatter. Love him! I can't contain my madness, so it jumps freely about. Spreading like a contagious infection.

What is your muse? How do you get rid of the ADD part of blogging? HELP this Mad Hatter!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Yuckitis!!!

My 4 year old loves Doc Mcstuffins. It's her all time favorite show. Top 5. She is diagnosing everyone with anything and the end has to be ITIS. Sickitis, Toeitis, Hungryitis. She even has pictures for it. 

I have been sick the past few days. Miserable. I have the sore throat, the congestion, the green goop drippings. I can't taste food(this makes me sad), I can't smell(not so sad about this). I seen Dr. Ladybug. She diagnosed me with yuckitis!

Today is my birthday. I am, of course sick. Perfect for the PITY PARTY I am throwing myself later ;). My husband decides to do a sexier version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. PRESIDENT. I got the song, the sexy look, the sexy dance. It was awesome! During half of it, I am hacking it, blowing my nose, sneezing. I probably gave him my yuckitis. 

Why is it the older we get the sicker we get? I can't just write a note and say MOM CAN'T WCLEAN, SHE IS SICK. ANY QUESTIONS REFER THEM TO DAD! I wish. Today is my birthday and my husband is still demanding things of me. He demanded I stay on my butt all day and do nothing :). He is going to baby me today :). He is sweet. I just hope for the dance later again tonight ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

SECRET SUBJECT SWAP:What secret bad habit do you have that would surprise people if they knew?!

This is the SECRET SUBJECT SWAP hosted by: Baking in a Tornado
My subject was chosen by: 
My secret bad habit is kind of gross. I try not to do it, but I can't help it. So when you read this do not judge me too harsly.
Everyone has the skin that is around your nails. A lot of times I get the extra skin around my nails. It peels when I wash dishes, clean or take a bath/shower for too long. I don't know why it does this honestly. Well, I'm sure now you know where this is going.
If this happens to you, I'm sure you grab a pair of nail clippers and tear it off. I use my teeth.  A lot of people don't know this. Most think I am chewing my nails(which I stopped doing some odd months ago). And of course using my teeth leaves it rather raw and nasty looking, but I can't help it.
It may not seem like a whole big secret, but that is what my secret habit is. I am not proud of it, I have even tried to quit, but I can't. I hate using nail clippers. And my teeth are always at the ready. Prepared for the job at hand. :)