Cleaning can be a hassle. But the chemicals can be even more of a hassle. The smells, the ventilation, the harshness. Tear and wear of your house, and having to worry about your kids getting into them or touching them. I have recipes for homemade all organic cleaning supplies. Safe, no harsh smells and easier on your wallet. Who doesn't love saving money?!
 I make my own cleaning supplies. And they work so well! Some may think nothing works like bleach, but thats not true. Vinegar works just as well. It dries and leaves no odor, unlike bleach, which leaves the bleach smell. Do your towels after so many uses and washes have a slight odor? Do they lose their softness? Vinegar returns the softness and removes any odor they may have. You can't use bleach to refresh your towels and return the softness. It will dye the towels and they will smell like bleach! lol.
I am sure a lot of you are on pinterest. If not, you don't need a login to view pages. I have a whole page dedicating to homemade cleaning supplies! Take a look and may this change your whole outlook on cleaning and maybe even change your life!! Just click the word below!

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