Friday, December 20, 2013


Since its the holidays, I want to spread some cheer! This is a special treat! I hope it helps spread the cheer!!!

Its something that happened to me, and I thought, why not do it with the blogging community?(I had a neighbor leave a plate of goodies with a picture of the Elf below and leave a wonderful poem) Been Jingled

There are always rules to things like this. The title is 

You must pick 5 bloggers(I chose 5 because its the countdown to Christmas) I want you to list 2 things you like about each blogger. 
I also want you to list 4 things you like about yourself. 

Don't forget to share this picture!!!

Got the rules? Understand the terms? I will start this off:

 a) She has such great ideas to get us bloggers writing and to challenge ourselves.
 b) She is so nice and sweet. I have never officially met her(I hope to one day), but just by talking to her online she is nice and seems to be super blogger and super cook!

  a) She is always posting quotes from amazing people. Always an inspirational(whether funny or needing some uplifting) quote to go with her post. 
  b) She is not afraid to be a little nutty(Hehe see what I did there?) 

3)Sarah-The Momisodes
 a) She posts what comes to her mind. And she doesn't care if it offends you. She always posts what is important to her. 
 b) She has been a great friend for the last what 6 years now? We have never met in person, but online she has been there. She got me into blogging and she is an amazing writer!

 a) I have been following her for a little over a year. I love the fact she interviews her families and gives the real answers lol. No matter how bad they can be lol. 
 b) She posts all these pictures all the time! I love the pictures. They are awesome!

 a) She is so funny. She always adds humor to most of her posts and I love it! I laugh at the pictures!
 b) She is family oriented. I see a lot of pictures and inspiration come from her family and I really enjoy getting to know her family. (Even though we don't know each other lol)

OK now onto me:

These are 4 things I like about myself:
1) I am a morning person. I can jump out of bed and be moving all day(as long as I don't sit down)
2) I get bored of the same recipes, so I am always trying to find ways to make meals better and interesting
3) I am a huge nerd! HARRY POTTER BABY!! Yes, see? I don't care either lol.
4) I am always trying to find new crafts and new things for our family to do. Electronic free. Spending time together and homemade things are always better!

Now you have the rules and some information about me. Now its onto you guys! Lets get to it!! Spread this cheer!!!


DUN DUN DUN! It is time for FLY ON THE WALL. I have only done one other of these. I have been behind on my blogging and the rest of my life. My mind has wandered off and I can't find it. 

Ok so the deal is about 15 of us bloggers post little snippets of our daily routine. As if you was a fly on the wall in our homes. I will post the links to the other bloggers after I write my snippets(make you read it all so you can't just bail out) I know I am evil. 

I don't want to get up. "SHUT UP" I thought to myself as my alarm went off. Why do I feel hungover? I didn't even drink last night. Is that possible? OMG ITS SO HOTT!!!!! 

Why must my vacuum hose keep breaking? Bring on the duct tape(I have marvel superheroes duct tape. ITS AWESOME!!!) I have stuck like 4 rows of tape on it. Why isn't the super powers of all them coming together to make my hose work?

My kids want cereal and frozen waffles for breakfast(I made them myself so a little healthy) So I give them what they want and they decide they aren't hungry anymore. Great. All that work for nothing. 

My husband had early release today(they have been doing 1 day on and 1 day off) and he has all next week off. He came home went out back and decided to burn things(He loves fire). And he started it about 2 and it was 6 and still going. 

My husband cooked dinner(yes I have an awesome husband). I didn't even ask. He offered. I loved it. I love going to the store and coming home and smelling what my husband was cooking(HA THE ROCKS FAVORITE LINE)

I am lame I know. It is now 754 and I am sitting on my butt writing this blog while my husband yells at his video game and my kids are asking me to do everything little thing for them :/.

This was my day. So now that you are bored and falling asleep I will pass on the fly to the other bloggers

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas...Secret Subject

Hello!! I am apart of the Secret of Subject Swap! I love doing these. Some are easy and fun and others challenge me like no other.(I love the challenges).

Its hosted by the lovely Karen over at Baking in a Tornado

My subject is:
Which Christmas movie best describes your family/home during the holidays, and why?
It was submitted by:

This one is tough. It depends. Do you mean my immediate family?(Husband, myself, kids and our cats. Or The entire family) I will my immediate family. 

For my husband, myself, our kids and our cats...hmm. Its tough. We are making our own traditions, our cats are normal(eating the decorations, tree, and breaking the decorations). We are doing the Elf on the Shelf. Its so much fun. 

I will have to say for us, we are like A CHRISTMAS STORY. I love that movie! Yes, its true lol. The decorations, trying to stick with traditions, teaching the kids to be good. No BB guns(YOU WILL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!). Its not exactly us(we don't have a crazy aunt who sends bunny costumes to the kids), but it describes us fairly well.
Instead of just one kid convincing his parents and Santa about the perfect toy, we have 3. I think I picked the perfect the movie. If you have not seen the movie, watch it when it comes on the TV closer to Christmas. You will not be disappointed.
Oh and we do not own the leg lamp. Yet. Yes, I said yet lol. I love that lamp. It is one awesome lamp!
Now that I have written my story, I will let you hop on over to the read the other bloggers down below.
(I would of written more, but I am sick and cannot stop coughing. Owie!!!)
Searching For Sanity.. (I love this name!!)
Evil Joy Speaks (I promise to get your link right)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fly on the wall....

Its that time again. Fly on the Wall. I don't have a bunch of interesting things that happen to me. I sit at home, I cook, I clean, do laundry. Trip up the occasional stair. So I will try not to bore you with my snippets of events. This is CASSANDRA MEADOWS A SERIES OF BORING EVENTS :)(I love Lemony Snicket)

Let me do a roll call on the other fly on the wall posts you should check out:

 Baking In A Tornado
There you have it. Now go check them out. Ok onto my Fly on the Wall

I woke up to my son standing in my doorway whispering "MOM OPENED HER EYES! SEE? HER EYES ARE OPEN!" Mind you it was around 7 am. I kept my eyes closed. Thinking, if I did that they would go back to sleep. Didn't work :/
I then had my kitten, Khalessi, attack my feet. I think she wanted to be killed. I hissed at her and told her she was entirely too little to be attacking my legs. She didn't like that. Good. Teach you little brat.
My kids wanted cereal. So I got them cereal. 5 minutes into eating it(yes, they take forever to eat) I DON'T LIKE CEREAL. Too bad. Eat it or starve. (until lunch time)
I did nothing today. I sat on my butt. I did dishes, I swept, cleaned our litter box, fed the family and then did absolutely nothing. I enjoy doing nothing. There is so much I need to do, but I choose to ignore the voice in my head that says BE A GOOD WIFE AND MOM AND CLEAN TODAY. I clean when my husband goes to work. If he is home on leave, I don't want to do anything.
Oh and one more thing, I complained. I think its weird to go do Christmas things when Halloween hasn't even passed yet. Don't SKIP HOLIDAYS! ITS NOT RIGHT!!!!
Ok this was my SERIES OF BORING EVENTS! Tune in next time :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today is SPIRIT DAY. Stomp out bullying. Everyone has wrote their take on bullying. Whether they was bullied, the bully, or a witness. I will tell my story. I was all 3. I quickly learned the right path, but not before it took a mental toll on me and those involved.

Bullying starts somewhere. Whether its at home, school, with yourself, it starts. When we are young, we don't automatically criticize ourselves or others. Its a learned trait. Where you learned it from says a lot. Being bullied can lead to you being the bully. Not many people take that route. I hear of more and more kids, teens and some adults commiting suicide because of bullying and it breaks my heart. I remember hearing the kids taunting voices, the looks on their faces, the smiles, the laughter. I remember thinking, IF I TAKE MY LIFE THERE WILL BE NO LAUGHTER, NO MORE CRYING IN THE BATHROOM.

3rd grade is when I remember my first bullied moment. A girl was my friend. We was really close. I invited her to my birthday party, we was best friends. Then one day, she wanted to fight me because she just wanted to know what it felt like to be suspended from school. She kept trying to get me to fight her. I found out it was because she didn't like the way I looked. All because of how I looked. Something I could not control.

I was in 4th grade. I am standing at a sink in the bathroom crying. I reached to grab a paper towel to wipe my face. I hear the door open. "GREAT MORE JOKES" I thought to myself as someone walked in. It was a girl. The tall quiet girl. She wasn't in my class, but we had recess together. She kept to herself. She was tall. EXTREMEMLY TALL. She washed her hands and as she was she looked at me and told me to ignore them. That they make fun of her all the time and she ignores them. She smiled at me, dried her hands and left. I don't know what happened to her, but I want to thank her for being kind.

I was being made fun of for being too short and not wearing name brand shoes.

Middle school. Where the boys come alive. You want a boyfriend, its a need to be popular and the latest fashion is a MUST have. I was always made fun of for being too short, too skinny, not wearing the best clothes. I had friends and pretended the jokes didn't hurt. SHUT UP, WHATEVER, LOSER, FORGET YOU was my catch phrases 6-8th grade. I had 2 boyfriends in middle school. Both of whom were popular in high school and pretended to have never dated me. Cool huh? I was always on the skinny side and you figured back then(like now) being skinny was in. No. I was too skinny, too white, didn't have the clothes every had, the shoes, my hair was frizzy and wouldn't tame. I wore glasses. I remember every night coming home, sitting in my room and reading books all the time. My books were my escape. They ended my cries(unless the book ended), the let me hide and pretend I was someone else. Just for a moment.

High school. AHH. The time to start fresh. Be a new person. Oh sh*t. The girls who bullied me are here too? Great. Oh well, maybe they won't remember. Maybe they won't do it again.

I was wrong. I remmeber bullying a girl my freshman year. She was quiet, had unkept hair. Dirty, wore skechers(back then it was a holy sin to wear those). I made fun of her. I shouldn't have. I know that now, but I did it because I wanted someone else to feel what I did. I wanted to be in with the popular girls(yes the girls who made fun of me).

I was made of fun of for being too skinny. I didn't eat at home, I was anorexic. I was bulimic. I had dirty clothes, smelly clothes. I didn't have the name brand shoes. My hair was frizzy and I couldn't tame it. I was too white. Pale. I was the laughing stock of my school, and all because these girls decided I was one to be bullied. Because they did it middle school and now high school. I wanted to be APART of these girls lives. Be their friend. Even with all the bullying they did. I wanted to be in the IT crowd. These girls were pretty, had boyfriends, had boys wanting them. I wanted that. I wanted that to be left alone. If I was apart of them I would not be made fun of.

During lunch(I always wore my pants rolled up to my knees) one of these girls called me over to their table. "THIS IS IT" She asked me where I got my shoes because she liked them. I got them from walmart, but too embarrassed to say, I said "I DON'T REMEMBER" She tells me their cute and I say thanks and walkway. I then remember hearing laughter and giggling and them all saying WALMART. That was the worst part. I was so embarrassed. I hated my existence. I remember wanting the bullying to stop.

"I CAN'T DO THIS" I said as I held the knife against my wrist. I remember the feeling the first time I cut myself. I never knew why(even still to this day) I cut myself. The only thing I could think of is that when I cut myself, the blood flowing my wrist was like my feelings were draining from me. My hatred for myself, the sadness, the loneliness. Not many people knew I cut myself. If any at all.

I ended up having to switch high schools because I skipped too many classes. I was beat up at my other school for a rumor that was started about me. She got off at my bus stop and beat me up pretty bad. It ended up in court. My own friend took this other girls side. I could not see out of my eye, I was bloody. I came home crying. My dad was pissed. She got a restraining order. I haven't seen her since.

I hope that the girls who bullied me read this. I am not asking for an apology(its a long shot anyways) I am not hoping we will become friends. I am hoping, that when they read this, they realize the truth and change(if they haven't already)

Throughout my childhood my mom was not always there. Different boyfriends, alcoholic you name it. Abusive. I only felt love from her when she was drunk. It got worse in high school. The reason I wore dirty, smelly clothes was because we didn't have water. Or electricity half of the time. My mom would sit on her bed and watch tv all day long. Not come out at all. I was taking care of my sister. I was abused as a kid. Hit with belt buckles, verbal abuse. I was molested and I remember my mom called my dad and my dad is the one who did something. My mom was addicted to crack. I don't know if she still does it. I don't care at this point.

My food was usually a cold can of soup, or something from the local village pantry(gas station). With her foodstamp card. Because she didn't want to go grocery shopping. We didn't have electricity, so why go get things like milk and bread? I had to make scrambled eggs in a microwave. Because of that, I do not like scrambled eggs anymore. I remember having to sneak to our neighbors to fill a gallon jug of water from their water house hook up. I had to wear the same pants over and over and profusely spray perfume on them so they didn't smell like mildew or dog(they had a big great dane). Finally when I was 12, my mom allowed her boyfriend to kick me out. I went to my dads house. My grandma would send me checks for my birthday and holidays. I was too young to sign them, so my mom would. I didn't see a dime of that money. One year my Christmas presents were wrapped in a kroger bag. She came out, let us open them, and then went back to her room. She made no effort. Yea she was suffering. Whatever she had(depression, bi polar, drugs whatever), but she should of been a mom. Not me. I remember going as far back as when I was 4 and she would be passed out and I would make myself cereal. Hung over of course.

Remember how I mentioned I wore my pants rolled up? I did that because they was my sisters pants. They was the cleanest of my clothes and they was too short. So, I rolled them up. The new shoes from walmart that the girl made of? My sisters grandma bought those for me. My mom would end up with some loser guy she didn't want to be with except to use his money, sex, whatever. My mom wasn't a role model, except on WHAT NOT TO DO.

I am sure you are asking why my dad didn't intervene with all this. He didn't know the full truth. I hid stuff from him. I thought if I left, the abuse would land on my little sister. I didn't want that. That no one would take care of her. She couldn't cook. She couldn't get herself up. I needed to be there. I didn't tell my dad a lot of the things that happened while I lived at my moms house. My dad stood up for me no matter what, but he also told me to responsible. I did things any normal teen would do. I would lie about sleeping at a friends house. I would sleep at a friends house, but we would drive around looking to hang out with other friends. Nothing illegal was done. Except curfew breakage.

I am not looking for sympathy. I am not wanting it. I just wanted to share my story and let others know that it hurts. It still does. To this day, I care about my appearance(not all the time) and sometime thinking about this, kicks my depression into high gear. I have vowed to not bully, take after my mom, and to not allow anyone to bully me or my kids.

This is me. This is the face of someone who was bullied, and who bullied.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Craziest dream I've ever had...Secret Subject Swap

It's that time again. Secret Subject Swap. Bloggers come together and write about subjects that were mixed up in a hat and randomly handed out. I don't know if the host uses a hat, but the image is funny.

well before I get started I want to wish a belated birthday to our lovely host. Baking In A Tornado.  She is a wonderful writer, has the best recipes and gives opportunities for other bloggers to spread their fingers and strut their writing skills.  Happy Birthday

Ok so onto the subject. I was given my subject by:

Tell us about the craziest dream you've ever had. What do you think it meant?

Oh boy. I have had a ton of weird dreams. So I will tell you about my latest one.

Do you know the above? If not, his name is Tickle.  He was on the TV show MOONSHINERS. In my dream my family and I stayed at a hotel. This guy harmed someone else and we got the blame. He harmed him by magic. My family had managed to hide and stay low. 

One day I decided to try to buy a home. I was caught by police. I told them I would give up this guy for immunity for my whole family. They agreed and I turned him over to police. He then did magic, failed and told his story. My family was free and we lived in a beautiful home.

I have no idea what this meant. Except, maybe to not watch Harry Potter and eat funyons before bed. Very weird huh? If you can figure it out, please tell me.

Now that I have confused you(possibly even scared you) go read the other bloggers swaps. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Postpartum depression. My story.

Its time raise awareness.  There are several bloggers posting about post partum for a women every where. This started because a woman lost life her life and as always the media ran with it. So I will share my story as well. In hopes to help someone else.

When we hear the word depression, we picture someone dressed in black, chains, sitting in a corner hating life. I did. I never thought depression would hit me. More like it beat me to my lowest point ever.

I was 18, married and about to deliver my first child. I was anxious.  At the time, my husband was deployed and was on his way home for 2 weeks. When he got home things were great. Awesome. I was induced. Everything was happy. 2 days before Christmas I brought our daughter into the world.  I noticed something off when I got extremely frustrated trying to do something simple.  Like feeding her, or trying to get her dressed. I brushed it off as being a new mom and upset my husband had to go back.

2 weeks after she was born we had a home visit for her growth and for me. My husband was already back in Iraq. The nurse checked our daughter and she was growing fine. Just healthy as can be. She started asking me questions and the answers led to postpartum depression. She said every mother has it and I will "out grow" it. Not to worry. Ok great.  I believed her.

About 2 months down the road I was not in my best place, but it wasn't like the depression you see on tv.  Sad angry not motivated.  I was all those things, but I was acting completely different.  Didn't want to sit still. I wanted to be surrounded by friends. It wasn't good. I went and seen my doctor and again everything is fine. I will out grow these "baby blues". I am fine and normal.

My husband came home in November of 2007. He was gone a total of 15 months. I was not myself. I wanted to sleep all the time, not clean nothing.  I had no motivation.  I was in a horrible state and my family suffered. It was not right. I finally and went and got seen by a therapist.  She explained postpartum depression is something that will not go away on its own. For a little over a year I dealt with this, as it got worse and worse and I was ignored.

I was diagnosed with severe recurrent depression. My husband being in the military,  we move a lot.  My therapist were changed, my meds changed.  It was a struggle.  I was eating my feelings. And I was worried of gaining weight. I developed an eating disorder. I would binge eat to make myself feel better, but then a voice in my head told me I would get fat and my husband would leave me. So I would restrict myself from eating.  It would be anywhere from 1 meal a day to all 3. I was in a downward spiral that had no sign of stopping.

I was afraid to get help. Thinking they would tell me I was fine, or it was in my head. I was very afraid they would lock me up. That would of destroyed me. I would lose everything.

By the time I finally got help, I was so far gone you could see the bones in my neck and face. I just had skin hanging.  My husband was deployed(his 3rd one) and we already had 3 children.  I lost 15 pounds in a matter of a week or less. I was starving myself because I ate food. And food made you fat. My doctor put me on a medicine and I started to force myself to do things. Go outside even if it was to sit on the porch. I started to feel better.

Its an everyday struggle to eat. Its an everyday struggle to get up and move. I do it because I still remember the pain, the suffering,  the feelings. I don't want to go back.

Its not something that you can heal over night, and with medicine its still a struggle. But with family and a good group of friends along with help, you can learn to struggle less.

Depression hits everyone differently.  Not a signs they show are the same for everyone. Not everyone knows how to handle it. Its not a joke or something to make fun of. If you ignore it like I did and like I was, it leads to worse. Its like I have brains. One is the stable one. Telling me to eat, be happy,  don't be sad. Push myself. The other is telling me I will never be happy so don't try. Don't eat because I will gain weight, this depression will never go away. And I am learning how to make both of them work together.  The negative brain is right, but it needs my positive brain to help me overcome the negative. And vice versa.

Don't ignore any sign.  Get help. If you are ignored, find someone who will listen.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monthly Prompt Challenge. ..TAKE 1

This is something new. Its once a month.  Every blogger who signed up will receive the same prompt and write their own take on it.

Our first one was a toughie:
Write a letter apologizing to someone.(if you don't owe one, make one up)

Our other writers are:
The Momisodes
Poetry from the soul
Brimstones Rebel Princess

Dear Self,

         I am writing to apologize for not taking better care of you. I should of been eating healthier,  exercising, reading more. I should of been getting more sleep. Not just dealing with the pain for years.

         I am sorry for the pain you had to endure. 3 pregnancies, 3 childbirths, my clumsiness and blindness. Let's not forget the 3 children you must deal with on a daily basis.  This last part explains itself.

          You stuck through it all though. You was tough when I needed you to be. Stood strong and never failed me. You are a tough cookie. I am sorry for all the years of pain and I hope you forgive me.

                                                                    Thoughtfully Yours,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nerdiness too far?....NO never!!!

We all know who this is. I love Harry Potter. I read each bool within 2 weeks of them being released. I couldn't wait to watch the movie. Oooh I wanted to be a witch. Do magic for homework. (I secretly still want to be a witch shhh.) I still get excited when the movies come on TV.

So, the other day, I got in my van to head to the grocery store.  I put the key in the ignition,  turn it over and I see a symbol. A symbol that spoke to me.
This symbol right here. I screamed and said OMG!! MY VAN LOVES HARRY POTTER TOO. THIS VAN WAS MEANT TO BE MINE!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!

I know this symbol does in fact mean something else. What that something else is, I don't know, but I am still convinced and will always be convinced that my van loves Harry Potter as well. Until a mechanic tells me otherwise.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I auditioned for Blogger Idol...thank goodness I don't have to sing

Blogger Idol. What does that remind you of? American Idol perhaps? Blogger idol is a spin off from American idol. Instead of showing off your vocal chords, you get to show off your finger chords(uh, uh, see what I did there?)

Its a chance to receive free publicity,  meet other amazing bloggers, win prizes and show off what you can do. The prizes they are giving away are amazing:

See? Aren't these amazing prizes? I hope the best for each and every blogger. I know there are some amazing, talented bloggers participating. 

Now, for the pimping. Whu-Whaaat!!

They have TWITTER
They have FACEBOOK
They have a URL

Go like, go follow, go tweet. Pimp them out.

Don't forget to go to their facebook and tell them you want me in the Top 12 :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Subject Swap:Which Animal?...

Its that time again! Its SECRET SUBJECT SWAP!! AHHHHHH

I got my subject from Sarah over at The Momisodes and it is *drum roll*.......


I have needed to think about this for a while. There are so many animals. Cats(house cats) get to be lazy and petted and fed and their poop cleaned up. Sleep anywhere and every where, for as long as they want! Dogs are playful and also their poop is cleaned up. Fed, petted, pampered. Then there are the big cats(lions and tigers) they are the alphas in the wild. Top of the food chain(in my husbands eyes lol) They are masters of their domain. But they can be playful as well. And then there is my oldest daughters favorite, the giraffe. They are tall and can pick their own nose, without scratching it. Thats a win for me.

I decided to go with a penguin. I love their little tuxedos, and the way they walk. They are so caring and family oriented. They are excellent swimmers and they can fish like nobody's business.

What would I do? First, shouldn't I have a name? Hmm...Agent Black Tie. Yea. I like it. Suits what I am about to tell you.

What would I do? Its unclassified at the time being. My mission could change any moment. You ever watch Madagascar? The penguins on there ROCK! I would do what they do! Hence my name ^ right up there. I am a secret agent, on an unclassified mission to escape the zoo. I will act cute and cuddly while mapping out my plans and escape. I gather my tools to dig the hole to crawl out. I store my food to save for my long journey. I do not inform the other animals of the zoo. They might want to join me and I don't have the right tools to makes holes big enough, nor the patience to deal with them.

Zoo log day 1:
The humans suspect nothing. Perfect. The way I want it. My mission must not fail. I must get out of here. The frozen fish is not sufficing.

Zoo log day 6:
I have retrieved the items I must use to dig my way out. The humans still suspect nothing. I am halfway there...

Zoo log day 15:

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Friday, August 23, 2013


Its FLY ON THE WALL time! It's my first fly on the wall post and I must admit I am nervous. Not about writing, but that my little fly on the wall fell asleep at all the boredom. I will write what is happening and hopefully, you can stay awake during it :)

~~"LANDON, QUIT PRACTICING KARATE ON YOUR SISTER" as he tries to KARATE chop her in the throat. You would think that my oldest would be the one to torture her siblings. No, its my youngest. Is it the fact he is a boy?

~~"OUCH YOU STUPID SON OF A B***H WHY DID THEY ADD THE STAIRS HERE?" I say this every day. As I have mentioned, in an award, I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I seem to hit the same spot on my body and the stairs every day. You would think my mind would get the hint.

~~I am supposed to be cleaning because we have a guest coming over for dinner. He has been kind enough to allow us to use his vehicle so my husband can go clear the post.(He goes to different buildings on post and has them sign them stating that he owes no money, no debt, no damage to them) What am I doing besides cleaning? Why blogging of course! Why not?!

~~I hate the fact my bed is in the living room. We have this huge window in the living room and our cat likes to jump on the ledge of it to sunbathe, but he opens the blinds as he does it. And our clothes are in suitcases, next to said bed. I shower upstairs and forget to bring my clothes, so I must come down in a towel. Lo and behold, blinds open, people are walking by. Luckily, I will never see these people again(hopefully they don't think I will continue to do this and make an attempt to be casually walking by again)

~~Its hard to entertain kids with no TV(netflix doesn't count) and no toys. So keeping the kids out of trouble and making sure the house stays clean and free of damages is extremely hard. This gave me an idea for an episode of DIRTY JOBS(if you have never watched it, don't.)

Still awake? Not much fun going on lol. But this is what the fly caught before snoozing away!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Squirrel? Where?!

Apparently, this little guy has stopped by several bloggers and dumped an award on them. I am one of them. Menopausal Mother created this little critter and Karen decided to tell him I stole his nuts.

I guess, this award fits me pretty well, since I am of course a little nuts. Let's get on with this before I lose focus and start rambling like I do in all my other posts.

Like all other awards, we have a set rules we have to follow, but these are different, because well, its from a squirrel.

So the award is titled:

Isn't he a cute little critter?

Rules: I need to spread 7-10 quirky facts about myself(maybe then this critter will leave)
           I then need to pass on this award to 7-10 other bloggers(I will place the nut thief blaming on someone else)

  1. I always have the urge to clean, but I never want to clean. (I think this is why I am a little nutty)
  2. I play like a kid. I do have 3 kids, so this explains a lot.
  3. I am a grammar and spelling Nazi. I am tempted to correct every one's grammar and spelling, but I don't because then I would have no friends.
  4. My husband and I have been married 7 years and we act like newlyweds. 
  5. I think this little critter is cute, but I will cuss him out if he is in my yard destroying anything.
  6. I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I can trip up steps, I have punched myself in the face before. Oh and I dropped my phone ON my face. 
  7. I have 2 different shoe sizes. Weird, I know and it sucks when the stores won't allow me to mix and match. 

And now for the 7 other bloggers I am placing blame for the stolen nuts:
  1. The Momisodes
  2. The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps
  3. Bad Word Mama
  4. Becoming Supermommy
  5. The Plucky Procrastinator
  6. Mompolize
  7. A Working Mom's "Whoas"

Friday, August 16, 2013

How's your summer going? Did you do anything different this time compared to previous years?

Its secret subject swap time!! WHOO! I have missed the last few ones, I had to been very busy. I am excited to be back!!

So, my subject is:

How's your summer going? Did you do anything different this time compared to previous years?

And it was submitted by:

I will admit, I have not read anything by this mom until I was given my subject, and I will say, I love her blog! She is awesome! I love her take on everything! 

Ok so my summer has been busy and hectic. We are in the middle of moving. Our 3 years is up at this duty station(Hawaii) and my husband did not request to extend. So, we are moving to Colorado for his next duty station. Right now, we are sleeping on loaner beds(with no frames) a couch with plastic still on it, and a slightly wobbly table. I prefer all this than the air mattress. 

Our stuff was packed up on the 25th-27th. We will be without our stuff for about 5 weeks. OH WHAT FUN! But I am still mobile and I have my husbands laptop(which I borrow occasionally). And honestly, every 3 years(during the summer) we move. So it's not much different than my previous summers. But this one is a little more hectic because we are leaving an island without a house to go to. Not so much fun. 

Everyone hears OH THE ARMY PACKS YOU AND SHIPS YOUR STUFF YOU DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH. On the contrary, we have to go to an office, make an appointment, and do all that. Drive from on office to another to make appointments. And on top of that, do it with no vehicle. That's right, we shipped our vehicle out. Walking is good though right? I will just keep saying it. WALKING IS GOOD. Unless you have 3 children who refuse to walk with you and try to climb everything and outrun each other. 

I side tracked a little bit lol. Ok so back on track, my summer is going fast. I did not really get to enjoy much it, but that's ok. I am preparing for a new adventure :)

OK, so now that I have bored you with my moving experience go check out these other bloggers for their subjects:                                                                                                                                                                       

Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh you shouldn't have, but since you did I will SHINE ON!

 Oh you are too kind! Stop it! Ok, I'll sign a few more autographs!!

No, I am not famous, but I was given an award from the lovely Mrs. Sarah over at The Momisodes. Here is a link to her Facebook.

Before I go into any details, I must list the rules. Yes, all the rules. I am a true rebel at heart, but I will do this lovely woman a huge honor and follow her rules(as you can see, I follow the rules, I am no true rebel. I just like to act the part.) So here are the rules:

Rule 1: I must take the beautiful award picture and post it in my blog post, so I'll just put this lovely picture in between rules 2&3. (This is the rebel part coming out)

Rule 2: Link the person who gave me this award. I did ^ up there. See it? I will post again at the end to make sure you didn't miss it.

Rule 3: State 7 facts about myself. Hmm, I have done so in so many awards, these must be good...

Rule 4: I must give this award to 15 lovelies. This will be difficult!

1st Fact: I am a brunette. I have dyed my hair so many times, I have no idea my natural color. Its just a dark brown.

2nd Fact: I am afraid of the dark. I am not kidding. You can laugh, but seriously, the dark, its creepy and has scary things in it. I would rather hold my pee than go to the bathroom in the dark.

3rd Fact: I am not really funny. I am mean and people take it that way. I am truly EVIL. Everyone doesn't believe me.

4th Fact: I am short. Really short. I am 5'1. Sometimes, I wish to be taller, but then I would have to do tall people things. Like reach on the high shelves for people and I don't want to.

5th Fact: I am very emotional. Its funny because in my 3rd fact, I am evil, but I am sobbing evil emotional wreck. Its quite funny if you think about it.

6th Fact: I am a HUGE nerd. Harry Potter, Once upon a time, a newly whovian. I love the geeky things!

7th Fact: I love the 1920's and the 1950's era. The clothing, the styles, the music. I love them both! I think nowadays everything is too high tech and wrapped around electronics(I say this as I type on my laptop checking my s4) I know, hypocrite big time. But its hard to not get wrapped up in it as well.

Ok, so there are my 7 facts. Now for my 15 lovelies I get to pass this on to:

1: Becoming Supermommy
2: MamaMiller Parenting
3: Momopolize
4: SuperLittleTales
5: Non-Stop Mom
6: Raising Wild Things
7: The Plucky Procrastinator
8: Outsmarted Mommy
9: Two Kids and a coupon
10: Honest Mom
11: The Shitastrophy
12: Mommy needs a martini
13: Confessions of a (Not-so) Super Mom
14 Diary of a Mad Woman
15: Honestly Mama G

There we have it! My facts, my lovelies, and the rules! I had fun! So, now don't forget to check out The Momisodes.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dates 2 Diapers was born

This is how my blog received its name. It took me forever to think of a title. I needed one that would stand out. And dates 2 diapers don't really stand out all that much, but isn't this how most of us bloggers started out? Going on dates and then changing diapers?

The dating I think was the hardest. For me at least. I was so nervous. I started liking him in high school. He, of course, paid no attention to me. It wasn't that he was stuck up, he was just focused. Focused in school, JROTC, all that. He was gorgeous to me. He was so handsome and he was perfect to me. Always, during lunch, had headphones and was just there. I was kind of already in love. High school in love.

He was a grade higher than me. He graduated and left and I was to finish out my senior year. He came back to visit and I had to make my move. I wanted him to be mine. We exchanged numbers and I felt like he was ignoring me every time I made an attempt to talk to him. He proved me wrong. We started dating and hit it off. The flirting, the smiles, the looks. I was so nervous. About us dating. He was a handsome, good looking man, and I always thought I was less than average looking. Isn't that how it goes, us women thinking so highly of our men and thinking so little of us? (In High school)

We was later married on June 3, 2006. I was pregnant with our oldest. Now, 7 years later here we are. 3 beautiful children and us annoying each other.

Isn't that what marriage is? Annoying each other? We find, if we stop the annoyance, it means our love is no longer there. This is our way of saying I LOVE YOU each and every day. Of course, with limitations.

So, this is how my husband and I met, and how the title of my blog came about :) Its not a fairytale romance, a novel, or some comedic story of an embarrassing moment that brought us together. Its a simple story of 2 coming together.

I'm it!

I was tagged by my good friend Sarah over at The Momisodes. Who was tagged by the lovely Karen over at Baking In A Tornado.

Its a game of tag called "Five Things". From reading what Sarah and Karen wrote, I better come up with some good answers.

The rules are simple(like always) but different. I tag 5 other bloggers, but before I can tag the other bloggers, I must answer some questions about myself.

♥ Five Things I have a passion for:
  1. My family. I love them more than anything and they help make me days even better:)
  2. Reading. I haven't done much reading lately, but I love it. I can get lost in a book. 
  3. Quiet time. Yes, quiet time. I love my family and the noise they bring, but quiet time is also great :)
  4. Cooking. Sounds weird, but I love to cook. Make a new creation with the spices in my cabinet. 
  5. Friends. You always need that small select group of friends you can connect with and share stories, gossip, get you through the day. 

♥  Five things I'd like to do before I die:
  1. Visit Scotland. 
  2. Go to an art gala.
  3. Open a restaurant
  4. Watch my kids have families of their own
  5. Inspire someone else

♥  Five things I say a lot:
  1. "Really?"
  2. "WOW"
  3. "WHU WHAAAAT"-Husband got me into it.
  4. "BAM
  5. "NO WAY" 

♥  Five books I've read lately:
  1. Fallen-Lauren Kate
  2. Hunger Games
  3. Catching Fire
  4. MockingJay
  5. Torment

♥ Five favorite movies:
  1. Hunger games
  2. Titanic-Gets me everytime
  3. The Forger
  4. Thor
  5. Avengers

♥ Five places I'd like to travel:
  1. Scotland
  2. Ireland
  3. Iceland
  4. Australia
  5. Las Vegas

♥ Five bloggers that I love:
  1. Comfytown Chronicles
  2. Bad Word Mama
  3. A Working Mom's "Whoas"
  4. My daily Jenn-ism
  5. Outsmarted Mommy

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Secret Subject Swap:One month to live...

I am apart of the Secret Subject Swap hosted by Karen over at Baking In A Tornado

I got my subject and I don't know why, but it took me forever to figure out what to write on this.
My prompt is:

If you knew you had one month to live, what would you do?
I was given this subject by the lovely and wonderful ChewyLicisous

I have seen this question asked a lot of times. Almost all answers are the same:
I would adventure out
I would climb Mt. Everest
I would skydive
I would run in the jungle
All those answers are great. Everyone is different, but that's not me. I am afraid of everything. My list would look like this:
Get a tooth pulled
Sleep in complete darkness
Welcome the aliens
Pet a spider
Eat dirt
I would want to enjoy my last days, not be traumatized by them. I don't want to live in fear in my final days. You may laugh at my list, but these are legitmate fears. Especially the dark and aliens. Aliens love darkness and they probe. *shivers*.
So, as you can see, it took me a while lol. I decided that I would live my life like nothing has changed. My husband and my kids keep me entertained. They help keep my mind off anything negative. They are my life. As cheesy as that sounds, its true. I would spend my final days with them. I wouldn't change it for anything.
Besides list A is a little pricey.
Here are the other swappers go check em out:

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Liebster

Yes, its an award I was nominated for (like days ago oops) But I am getting to it finally! I have been behind on a lot of things! The nomination came from The Insomniac's Dream

The rules are quite simple with this one, I answer 11 questions that was asked by my nominee. I then nominate 11 bloggers(with under 200 followers) and they must answer my handpicked questions. Oh the possibilities are endless.

1. Do you have a Muse?
Yes and no. My daily life is my muse, but then I also just write what comes to mind(which is why I am so jumbled and my writing is ADHD)

2. How do you get over Writer's Block?
I wait it out until I find something lol. I take the easy out on Writers Block.

3. What inspires you the most?
My family. We are a house full of different personalities(considering 3 of them are under 7). We are just so different, that something weird happens everyday.

4. How many kids do you have, and how many did you actually want?
I have 3. I initially wanted none, but as I got older things changed.

5. How many times have you been married?

6. When did you start writing?
Blogging? A couple years ago. Wasn't consistent though.

7. For you, is writing a hobby, a job, or a lifestyle?
Hobby and lifestyle. I love to do it and it helps me release anything and allows others a good laugh at my expense.

8. Tell us about something you collect.
Projects. I have so many unfinished projects and projects I want to start. I am a project hoarder. Its terrible. Its an addiction. I need help.

9. Your least favorite chore?
Laundry. I hate to fold it and put it away. So my dryer are my clothes best friend(they spend most time on repeat cycles in there, getting the wrinkles out)

10. Favorite thing to cook?
Anything chicken. I love to try new recipes, but it seems chicken is the only meat you can do whatever to! It just reall goes with any spice and any marinade.

11. Your dream job?
Lawyer and Chef. I love to argue and I love to help people. I also love to cook and make new recipes!

There it is. 11 things about me. Now onto my questions. Hmmm...

1) Favorite relaxtion tip?

2) Most embarrassing thing to happen in the last year?

3)Worst TV show according to you?

4) Have you met anyone famous?

5) Favorite book?

 6) Do you sleep on the left or right side?

7) Do you have animals?

8) Saddest movie you have ever watche?

9) Worst Christmas gift you have recieved?

10) What made you decide to write?

11) Most precious item you have?

There you have it. Now to nominate 11 bloggers

1) A Working Mom's "Whoas"
2)My Daily Jenn-ism
3)A Plucky Procrastinator
4) The Momisodes
5) Ignore Me Like You Mean It
6) On A Cold Day
7) Bad Word Mama
8) Moki's Musings
9) ComfyTown Chronicles
10) Non-Stop Mom
11) SuperLittleTales

Triumph Trophy? Don't mind if I do..

I am very lucky to have such nominating bloggers such as The Momisodes. She has nominated me for so many awards, and I am graciously accepting. I believe this one is one of my favorites. It's called the
The reason why I love this award is because of the rules:

1. Display the Trophy in your post.
2. Write a short piece that starts with this: I didn’t kill______ today. It doesn’t have to be a person, it can be an appliance, a business or anything else you choose.
3. Nominate a few people to pass the trophy on to and let them know it’s their turn to vent.
You see why it's an awesome award? I needed this, especially today.
I didn't kill my animals today. I know we have animal lovers. I love my animals. They usually annoy me on a daily basis, but today has been over the top. We have a 3 year old cat named Rusty. Rusty is fat. I am going to guess about 15 pounds. He is up there. He has an automatic feeder and its been clogging up sometimes,but there is still food in there. If he doesn't have a full bowl he will meow nonstop. This morning he kept doing it, running under my feet, he laid on my phone and would not move. I had to get my oldest to school. He was throwing a tantrum and using my phone as ransom. I do not negotiate with terrorists. He should know this. He is dangerous. So I struggled with losing my life and getting my phone back(which would pointless seeing as he would end my life so quickly) or giving into his demands.
I struggled with this thought while I continued getting my kids ready. I decided to give into the demands. I fixed his bowl. He moved. Yes, it worked. I came |-| that close to killing him.
Now onto my puppy. She is an escape artist. She darts faster than a bat out of hell. She is horrible at escaping. We get tired of chasing her because she is fast and will continue to run away. We decided to not chase her today. She came back(like I knew she would), but she dug a new hole to get back in my yard. I am running out of objects to block her path. We gave her a dog bed. She keeps chewing the stuffing out. Its always a mess. I told her kennel so I could sweep up and she chewed it up again! Its a green stuffing filled kennel. Why doesn't my dog understand I like a clean home? Why doesn't she want a nice soft comfy bed? Why must she chew everything? I did not kill her though.
I wanted to kill both animals so bad, but I did not. I kept my cool and did not commit murder. Orange is a good color on me, but I am claustrophobic. Those cells scare me. *shivers*.
I nominate these lovely bloggers for an award: