Friday, December 20, 2013


Since its the holidays, I want to spread some cheer! This is a special treat! I hope it helps spread the cheer!!!

Its something that happened to me, and I thought, why not do it with the blogging community?(I had a neighbor leave a plate of goodies with a picture of the Elf below and leave a wonderful poem) Been Jingled

There are always rules to things like this. The title is 

You must pick 5 bloggers(I chose 5 because its the countdown to Christmas) I want you to list 2 things you like about each blogger. 
I also want you to list 4 things you like about yourself. 

Don't forget to share this picture!!!

Got the rules? Understand the terms? I will start this off:

 a) She has such great ideas to get us bloggers writing and to challenge ourselves.
 b) She is so nice and sweet. I have never officially met her(I hope to one day), but just by talking to her online she is nice and seems to be super blogger and super cook!

  a) She is always posting quotes from amazing people. Always an inspirational(whether funny or needing some uplifting) quote to go with her post. 
  b) She is not afraid to be a little nutty(Hehe see what I did there?) 

3)Sarah-The Momisodes
 a) She posts what comes to her mind. And she doesn't care if it offends you. She always posts what is important to her. 
 b) She has been a great friend for the last what 6 years now? We have never met in person, but online she has been there. She got me into blogging and she is an amazing writer!

 a) I have been following her for a little over a year. I love the fact she interviews her families and gives the real answers lol. No matter how bad they can be lol. 
 b) She posts all these pictures all the time! I love the pictures. They are awesome!

 a) She is so funny. She always adds humor to most of her posts and I love it! I laugh at the pictures!
 b) She is family oriented. I see a lot of pictures and inspiration come from her family and I really enjoy getting to know her family. (Even though we don't know each other lol)

OK now onto me:

These are 4 things I like about myself:
1) I am a morning person. I can jump out of bed and be moving all day(as long as I don't sit down)
2) I get bored of the same recipes, so I am always trying to find ways to make meals better and interesting
3) I am a huge nerd! HARRY POTTER BABY!! Yes, see? I don't care either lol.
4) I am always trying to find new crafts and new things for our family to do. Electronic free. Spending time together and homemade things are always better!

Now you have the rules and some information about me. Now its onto you guys! Lets get to it!! Spread this cheer!!!


DUN DUN DUN! It is time for FLY ON THE WALL. I have only done one other of these. I have been behind on my blogging and the rest of my life. My mind has wandered off and I can't find it. 

Ok so the deal is about 15 of us bloggers post little snippets of our daily routine. As if you was a fly on the wall in our homes. I will post the links to the other bloggers after I write my snippets(make you read it all so you can't just bail out) I know I am evil. 

I don't want to get up. "SHUT UP" I thought to myself as my alarm went off. Why do I feel hungover? I didn't even drink last night. Is that possible? OMG ITS SO HOTT!!!!! 

Why must my vacuum hose keep breaking? Bring on the duct tape(I have marvel superheroes duct tape. ITS AWESOME!!!) I have stuck like 4 rows of tape on it. Why isn't the super powers of all them coming together to make my hose work?

My kids want cereal and frozen waffles for breakfast(I made them myself so a little healthy) So I give them what they want and they decide they aren't hungry anymore. Great. All that work for nothing. 

My husband had early release today(they have been doing 1 day on and 1 day off) and he has all next week off. He came home went out back and decided to burn things(He loves fire). And he started it about 2 and it was 6 and still going. 

My husband cooked dinner(yes I have an awesome husband). I didn't even ask. He offered. I loved it. I love going to the store and coming home and smelling what my husband was cooking(HA THE ROCKS FAVORITE LINE)

I am lame I know. It is now 754 and I am sitting on my butt writing this blog while my husband yells at his video game and my kids are asking me to do everything little thing for them :/.

This was my day. So now that you are bored and falling asleep I will pass on the fly to the other bloggers

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas...Secret Subject

Hello!! I am apart of the Secret of Subject Swap! I love doing these. Some are easy and fun and others challenge me like no other.(I love the challenges).

Its hosted by the lovely Karen over at Baking in a Tornado

My subject is:
Which Christmas movie best describes your family/home during the holidays, and why?
It was submitted by:

This one is tough. It depends. Do you mean my immediate family?(Husband, myself, kids and our cats. Or The entire family) I will my immediate family. 

For my husband, myself, our kids and our cats...hmm. Its tough. We are making our own traditions, our cats are normal(eating the decorations, tree, and breaking the decorations). We are doing the Elf on the Shelf. Its so much fun. 

I will have to say for us, we are like A CHRISTMAS STORY. I love that movie! Yes, its true lol. The decorations, trying to stick with traditions, teaching the kids to be good. No BB guns(YOU WILL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!). Its not exactly us(we don't have a crazy aunt who sends bunny costumes to the kids), but it describes us fairly well.
Instead of just one kid convincing his parents and Santa about the perfect toy, we have 3. I think I picked the perfect the movie. If you have not seen the movie, watch it when it comes on the TV closer to Christmas. You will not be disappointed.
Oh and we do not own the leg lamp. Yet. Yes, I said yet lol. I love that lamp. It is one awesome lamp!
Now that I have written my story, I will let you hop on over to the read the other bloggers down below.
(I would of written more, but I am sick and cannot stop coughing. Owie!!!)
Searching For Sanity.. (I love this name!!)
Evil Joy Speaks (I promise to get your link right)