Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nerdiness too far?....NO never!!!

We all know who this is. I love Harry Potter. I read each bool within 2 weeks of them being released. I couldn't wait to watch the movie. Oooh I wanted to be a witch. Do magic for homework. (I secretly still want to be a witch shhh.) I still get excited when the movies come on TV.

So, the other day, I got in my van to head to the grocery store.  I put the key in the ignition,  turn it over and I see a symbol. A symbol that spoke to me.
This symbol right here. I screamed and said OMG!! MY VAN LOVES HARRY POTTER TOO. THIS VAN WAS MEANT TO BE MINE!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!

I know this symbol does in fact mean something else. What that something else is, I don't know, but I am still convinced and will always be convinced that my van loves Harry Potter as well. Until a mechanic tells me otherwise.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I auditioned for Blogger Idol...thank goodness I don't have to sing

Blogger Idol. What does that remind you of? American Idol perhaps? Blogger idol is a spin off from American idol. Instead of showing off your vocal chords, you get to show off your finger chords(uh, uh, see what I did there?)

Its a chance to receive free publicity,  meet other amazing bloggers, win prizes and show off what you can do. The prizes they are giving away are amazing:

See? Aren't these amazing prizes? I hope the best for each and every blogger. I know there are some amazing, talented bloggers participating. 

Now, for the pimping. Whu-Whaaat!!

They have TWITTER
They have FACEBOOK
They have a URL

Go like, go follow, go tweet. Pimp them out.

Don't forget to go to their facebook and tell them you want me in the Top 12 :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Subject Swap:Which Animal?...

Its that time again! Its SECRET SUBJECT SWAP!! AHHHHHH

I got my subject from Sarah over at The Momisodes and it is *drum roll*.......


I have needed to think about this for a while. There are so many animals. Cats(house cats) get to be lazy and petted and fed and their poop cleaned up. Sleep anywhere and every where, for as long as they want! Dogs are playful and also their poop is cleaned up. Fed, petted, pampered. Then there are the big cats(lions and tigers) they are the alphas in the wild. Top of the food chain(in my husbands eyes lol) They are masters of their domain. But they can be playful as well. And then there is my oldest daughters favorite, the giraffe. They are tall and can pick their own nose, without scratching it. Thats a win for me.

I decided to go with a penguin. I love their little tuxedos, and the way they walk. They are so caring and family oriented. They are excellent swimmers and they can fish like nobody's business.

What would I do? First, shouldn't I have a name? Hmm...Agent Black Tie. Yea. I like it. Suits what I am about to tell you.

What would I do? Its unclassified at the time being. My mission could change any moment. You ever watch Madagascar? The penguins on there ROCK! I would do what they do! Hence my name ^ right up there. I am a secret agent, on an unclassified mission to escape the zoo. I will act cute and cuddly while mapping out my plans and escape. I gather my tools to dig the hole to crawl out. I store my food to save for my long journey. I do not inform the other animals of the zoo. They might want to join me and I don't have the right tools to makes holes big enough, nor the patience to deal with them.

Zoo log day 1:
The humans suspect nothing. Perfect. The way I want it. My mission must not fail. I must get out of here. The frozen fish is not sufficing.

Zoo log day 6:
I have retrieved the items I must use to dig my way out. The humans still suspect nothing. I am halfway there...

Zoo log day 15:

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