Friday, August 23, 2013


Its FLY ON THE WALL time! It's my first fly on the wall post and I must admit I am nervous. Not about writing, but that my little fly on the wall fell asleep at all the boredom. I will write what is happening and hopefully, you can stay awake during it :)

~~"LANDON, QUIT PRACTICING KARATE ON YOUR SISTER" as he tries to KARATE chop her in the throat. You would think that my oldest would be the one to torture her siblings. No, its my youngest. Is it the fact he is a boy?

~~"OUCH YOU STUPID SON OF A B***H WHY DID THEY ADD THE STAIRS HERE?" I say this every day. As I have mentioned, in an award, I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I seem to hit the same spot on my body and the stairs every day. You would think my mind would get the hint.

~~I am supposed to be cleaning because we have a guest coming over for dinner. He has been kind enough to allow us to use his vehicle so my husband can go clear the post.(He goes to different buildings on post and has them sign them stating that he owes no money, no debt, no damage to them) What am I doing besides cleaning? Why blogging of course! Why not?!

~~I hate the fact my bed is in the living room. We have this huge window in the living room and our cat likes to jump on the ledge of it to sunbathe, but he opens the blinds as he does it. And our clothes are in suitcases, next to said bed. I shower upstairs and forget to bring my clothes, so I must come down in a towel. Lo and behold, blinds open, people are walking by. Luckily, I will never see these people again(hopefully they don't think I will continue to do this and make an attempt to be casually walking by again)

~~Its hard to entertain kids with no TV(netflix doesn't count) and no toys. So keeping the kids out of trouble and making sure the house stays clean and free of damages is extremely hard. This gave me an idea for an episode of DIRTY JOBS(if you have never watched it, don't.)

Still awake? Not much fun going on lol. But this is what the fly caught before snoozing away!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Squirrel? Where?!

Apparently, this little guy has stopped by several bloggers and dumped an award on them. I am one of them. Menopausal Mother created this little critter and Karen decided to tell him I stole his nuts.

I guess, this award fits me pretty well, since I am of course a little nuts. Let's get on with this before I lose focus and start rambling like I do in all my other posts.

Like all other awards, we have a set rules we have to follow, but these are different, because well, its from a squirrel.

So the award is titled:

Isn't he a cute little critter?

Rules: I need to spread 7-10 quirky facts about myself(maybe then this critter will leave)
           I then need to pass on this award to 7-10 other bloggers(I will place the nut thief blaming on someone else)

  1. I always have the urge to clean, but I never want to clean. (I think this is why I am a little nutty)
  2. I play like a kid. I do have 3 kids, so this explains a lot.
  3. I am a grammar and spelling Nazi. I am tempted to correct every one's grammar and spelling, but I don't because then I would have no friends.
  4. My husband and I have been married 7 years and we act like newlyweds. 
  5. I think this little critter is cute, but I will cuss him out if he is in my yard destroying anything.
  6. I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I can trip up steps, I have punched myself in the face before. Oh and I dropped my phone ON my face. 
  7. I have 2 different shoe sizes. Weird, I know and it sucks when the stores won't allow me to mix and match. 

And now for the 7 other bloggers I am placing blame for the stolen nuts:
  1. The Momisodes
  2. The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps
  3. Bad Word Mama
  4. Becoming Supermommy
  5. The Plucky Procrastinator
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  7. A Working Mom's "Whoas"

Friday, August 16, 2013

How's your summer going? Did you do anything different this time compared to previous years?

Its secret subject swap time!! WHOO! I have missed the last few ones, I had to been very busy. I am excited to be back!!

So, my subject is:

How's your summer going? Did you do anything different this time compared to previous years?

And it was submitted by:

I will admit, I have not read anything by this mom until I was given my subject, and I will say, I love her blog! She is awesome! I love her take on everything! 

Ok so my summer has been busy and hectic. We are in the middle of moving. Our 3 years is up at this duty station(Hawaii) and my husband did not request to extend. So, we are moving to Colorado for his next duty station. Right now, we are sleeping on loaner beds(with no frames) a couch with plastic still on it, and a slightly wobbly table. I prefer all this than the air mattress. 

Our stuff was packed up on the 25th-27th. We will be without our stuff for about 5 weeks. OH WHAT FUN! But I am still mobile and I have my husbands laptop(which I borrow occasionally). And honestly, every 3 years(during the summer) we move. So it's not much different than my previous summers. But this one is a little more hectic because we are leaving an island without a house to go to. Not so much fun. 

Everyone hears OH THE ARMY PACKS YOU AND SHIPS YOUR STUFF YOU DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH. On the contrary, we have to go to an office, make an appointment, and do all that. Drive from on office to another to make appointments. And on top of that, do it with no vehicle. That's right, we shipped our vehicle out. Walking is good though right? I will just keep saying it. WALKING IS GOOD. Unless you have 3 children who refuse to walk with you and try to climb everything and outrun each other. 

I side tracked a little bit lol. Ok so back on track, my summer is going fast. I did not really get to enjoy much it, but that's ok. I am preparing for a new adventure :)

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh you shouldn't have, but since you did I will SHINE ON!

 Oh you are too kind! Stop it! Ok, I'll sign a few more autographs!!

No, I am not famous, but I was given an award from the lovely Mrs. Sarah over at The Momisodes. Here is a link to her Facebook.

Before I go into any details, I must list the rules. Yes, all the rules. I am a true rebel at heart, but I will do this lovely woman a huge honor and follow her rules(as you can see, I follow the rules, I am no true rebel. I just like to act the part.) So here are the rules:

Rule 1: I must take the beautiful award picture and post it in my blog post, so I'll just put this lovely picture in between rules 2&3. (This is the rebel part coming out)

Rule 2: Link the person who gave me this award. I did ^ up there. See it? I will post again at the end to make sure you didn't miss it.

Rule 3: State 7 facts about myself. Hmm, I have done so in so many awards, these must be good...

Rule 4: I must give this award to 15 lovelies. This will be difficult!

1st Fact: I am a brunette. I have dyed my hair so many times, I have no idea my natural color. Its just a dark brown.

2nd Fact: I am afraid of the dark. I am not kidding. You can laugh, but seriously, the dark, its creepy and has scary things in it. I would rather hold my pee than go to the bathroom in the dark.

3rd Fact: I am not really funny. I am mean and people take it that way. I am truly EVIL. Everyone doesn't believe me.

4th Fact: I am short. Really short. I am 5'1. Sometimes, I wish to be taller, but then I would have to do tall people things. Like reach on the high shelves for people and I don't want to.

5th Fact: I am very emotional. Its funny because in my 3rd fact, I am evil, but I am sobbing evil emotional wreck. Its quite funny if you think about it.

6th Fact: I am a HUGE nerd. Harry Potter, Once upon a time, a newly whovian. I love the geeky things!

7th Fact: I love the 1920's and the 1950's era. The clothing, the styles, the music. I love them both! I think nowadays everything is too high tech and wrapped around electronics(I say this as I type on my laptop checking my s4) I know, hypocrite big time. But its hard to not get wrapped up in it as well.

Ok, so there are my 7 facts. Now for my 15 lovelies I get to pass this on to:

1: Becoming Supermommy
2: MamaMiller Parenting
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There we have it! My facts, my lovelies, and the rules! I had fun! So, now don't forget to check out The Momisodes.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dates 2 Diapers was born

This is how my blog received its name. It took me forever to think of a title. I needed one that would stand out. And dates 2 diapers don't really stand out all that much, but isn't this how most of us bloggers started out? Going on dates and then changing diapers?

The dating I think was the hardest. For me at least. I was so nervous. I started liking him in high school. He, of course, paid no attention to me. It wasn't that he was stuck up, he was just focused. Focused in school, JROTC, all that. He was gorgeous to me. He was so handsome and he was perfect to me. Always, during lunch, had headphones and was just there. I was kind of already in love. High school in love.

He was a grade higher than me. He graduated and left and I was to finish out my senior year. He came back to visit and I had to make my move. I wanted him to be mine. We exchanged numbers and I felt like he was ignoring me every time I made an attempt to talk to him. He proved me wrong. We started dating and hit it off. The flirting, the smiles, the looks. I was so nervous. About us dating. He was a handsome, good looking man, and I always thought I was less than average looking. Isn't that how it goes, us women thinking so highly of our men and thinking so little of us? (In High school)

We was later married on June 3, 2006. I was pregnant with our oldest. Now, 7 years later here we are. 3 beautiful children and us annoying each other.

Isn't that what marriage is? Annoying each other? We find, if we stop the annoyance, it means our love is no longer there. This is our way of saying I LOVE YOU each and every day. Of course, with limitations.

So, this is how my husband and I met, and how the title of my blog came about :) Its not a fairytale romance, a novel, or some comedic story of an embarrassing moment that brought us together. Its a simple story of 2 coming together.

I'm it!

I was tagged by my good friend Sarah over at The Momisodes. Who was tagged by the lovely Karen over at Baking In A Tornado.

Its a game of tag called "Five Things". From reading what Sarah and Karen wrote, I better come up with some good answers.

The rules are simple(like always) but different. I tag 5 other bloggers, but before I can tag the other bloggers, I must answer some questions about myself.

♥ Five Things I have a passion for:
  1. My family. I love them more than anything and they help make me days even better:)
  2. Reading. I haven't done much reading lately, but I love it. I can get lost in a book. 
  3. Quiet time. Yes, quiet time. I love my family and the noise they bring, but quiet time is also great :)
  4. Cooking. Sounds weird, but I love to cook. Make a new creation with the spices in my cabinet. 
  5. Friends. You always need that small select group of friends you can connect with and share stories, gossip, get you through the day. 

♥  Five things I'd like to do before I die:
  1. Visit Scotland. 
  2. Go to an art gala.
  3. Open a restaurant
  4. Watch my kids have families of their own
  5. Inspire someone else

♥  Five things I say a lot:
  1. "Really?"
  2. "WOW"
  3. "WHU WHAAAAT"-Husband got me into it.
  4. "BAM
  5. "NO WAY" 

♥  Five books I've read lately:
  1. Fallen-Lauren Kate
  2. Hunger Games
  3. Catching Fire
  4. MockingJay
  5. Torment

♥ Five favorite movies:
  1. Hunger games
  2. Titanic-Gets me everytime
  3. The Forger
  4. Thor
  5. Avengers

♥ Five places I'd like to travel:
  1. Scotland
  2. Ireland
  3. Iceland
  4. Australia
  5. Las Vegas

♥ Five bloggers that I love:
  1. Comfytown Chronicles
  2. Bad Word Mama
  3. A Working Mom's "Whoas"
  4. My daily Jenn-ism
  5. Outsmarted Mommy