Friday, October 11, 2013

Craziest dream I've ever had...Secret Subject Swap

It's that time again. Secret Subject Swap. Bloggers come together and write about subjects that were mixed up in a hat and randomly handed out. I don't know if the host uses a hat, but the image is funny.

well before I get started I want to wish a belated birthday to our lovely host. Baking In A Tornado.  She is a wonderful writer, has the best recipes and gives opportunities for other bloggers to spread their fingers and strut their writing skills.  Happy Birthday

Ok so onto the subject. I was given my subject by:

Tell us about the craziest dream you've ever had. What do you think it meant?

Oh boy. I have had a ton of weird dreams. So I will tell you about my latest one.

Do you know the above? If not, his name is Tickle.  He was on the TV show MOONSHINERS. In my dream my family and I stayed at a hotel. This guy harmed someone else and we got the blame. He harmed him by magic. My family had managed to hide and stay low. 

One day I decided to try to buy a home. I was caught by police. I told them I would give up this guy for immunity for my whole family. They agreed and I turned him over to police. He then did magic, failed and told his story. My family was free and we lived in a beautiful home.

I have no idea what this meant. Except, maybe to not watch Harry Potter and eat funyons before bed. Very weird huh? If you can figure it out, please tell me.

Now that I have confused you(possibly even scared you) go read the other bloggers swaps. 


  1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, that was such a surprise.

    Your dream is funny but your interpretation of why you had it is hysterical!

  2. I just saw the commercial for that show. Funny what can bring us to dream. I love that there is another person on earth who eats Funyuns before bed. Happy Friday!

  3. HA!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!
    Yeah, watch HP but maybe have the Funyons earlier! LOL

  4. NEVER eat funyuns before bed--those things can mess you up, haha! Funny post. Thank goodness it was just a dream!! *Just to give you a heads up---the link to my blog post in the swap is incorrect--there should be a www. in front of it in case you want to stop by!

    1. I thought I fixed it. When it posted this morning 4 links were not right. I think its because I am mobile. :/ sorry

  5. Glad it was a dream - but if the outcome could be real...well....then maybe the bad would be worth the payout?!?!

  6. OMG...what a crazy dream...don't you wonder what your unconscious is trying to tell you sometimes????