Friday, May 3, 2013

The Liebster

Yes, its an award I was nominated for (like days ago oops) But I am getting to it finally! I have been behind on a lot of things! The nomination came from The Insomniac's Dream

The rules are quite simple with this one, I answer 11 questions that was asked by my nominee. I then nominate 11 bloggers(with under 200 followers) and they must answer my handpicked questions. Oh the possibilities are endless.

1. Do you have a Muse?
Yes and no. My daily life is my muse, but then I also just write what comes to mind(which is why I am so jumbled and my writing is ADHD)

2. How do you get over Writer's Block?
I wait it out until I find something lol. I take the easy out on Writers Block.

3. What inspires you the most?
My family. We are a house full of different personalities(considering 3 of them are under 7). We are just so different, that something weird happens everyday.

4. How many kids do you have, and how many did you actually want?
I have 3. I initially wanted none, but as I got older things changed.

5. How many times have you been married?

6. When did you start writing?
Blogging? A couple years ago. Wasn't consistent though.

7. For you, is writing a hobby, a job, or a lifestyle?
Hobby and lifestyle. I love to do it and it helps me release anything and allows others a good laugh at my expense.

8. Tell us about something you collect.
Projects. I have so many unfinished projects and projects I want to start. I am a project hoarder. Its terrible. Its an addiction. I need help.

9. Your least favorite chore?
Laundry. I hate to fold it and put it away. So my dryer are my clothes best friend(they spend most time on repeat cycles in there, getting the wrinkles out)

10. Favorite thing to cook?
Anything chicken. I love to try new recipes, but it seems chicken is the only meat you can do whatever to! It just reall goes with any spice and any marinade.

11. Your dream job?
Lawyer and Chef. I love to argue and I love to help people. I also love to cook and make new recipes!

There it is. 11 things about me. Now onto my questions. Hmmm...

1) Favorite relaxtion tip?

2) Most embarrassing thing to happen in the last year?

3)Worst TV show according to you?

4) Have you met anyone famous?

5) Favorite book?

 6) Do you sleep on the left or right side?

7) Do you have animals?

8) Saddest movie you have ever watche?

9) Worst Christmas gift you have recieved?

10) What made you decide to write?

11) Most precious item you have?

There you have it. Now to nominate 11 bloggers

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11) SuperLittleTales


  1. A lawyer and a chef, hey I don't think the Food Network has that show yet!
    Thank you a ton! I will answer these the moment my life allows it :)

  2. Thank you so much for this award. You're making my head big tonight. :)

  3. A 'project hoarder'! That's awesome :) I may be kind of like that too...
    Congrats on your award!