Friday, May 3, 2013

Triumph Trophy? Don't mind if I do..

I am very lucky to have such nominating bloggers such as The Momisodes. She has nominated me for so many awards, and I am graciously accepting. I believe this one is one of my favorites. It's called the
The reason why I love this award is because of the rules:

1. Display the Trophy in your post.
2. Write a short piece that starts with this: I didn’t kill______ today. It doesn’t have to be a person, it can be an appliance, a business or anything else you choose.
3. Nominate a few people to pass the trophy on to and let them know it’s their turn to vent.
You see why it's an awesome award? I needed this, especially today.
I didn't kill my animals today. I know we have animal lovers. I love my animals. They usually annoy me on a daily basis, but today has been over the top. We have a 3 year old cat named Rusty. Rusty is fat. I am going to guess about 15 pounds. He is up there. He has an automatic feeder and its been clogging up sometimes,but there is still food in there. If he doesn't have a full bowl he will meow nonstop. This morning he kept doing it, running under my feet, he laid on my phone and would not move. I had to get my oldest to school. He was throwing a tantrum and using my phone as ransom. I do not negotiate with terrorists. He should know this. He is dangerous. So I struggled with losing my life and getting my phone back(which would pointless seeing as he would end my life so quickly) or giving into his demands.
I struggled with this thought while I continued getting my kids ready. I decided to give into the demands. I fixed his bowl. He moved. Yes, it worked. I came |-| that close to killing him.
Now onto my puppy. She is an escape artist. She darts faster than a bat out of hell. She is horrible at escaping. We get tired of chasing her because she is fast and will continue to run away. We decided to not chase her today. She came back(like I knew she would), but she dug a new hole to get back in my yard. I am running out of objects to block her path. We gave her a dog bed. She keeps chewing the stuffing out. Its always a mess. I told her kennel so I could sweep up and she chewed it up again! Its a green stuffing filled kennel. Why doesn't my dog understand I like a clean home? Why doesn't she want a nice soft comfy bed? Why must she chew everything? I did not kill her though.
I wanted to kill both animals so bad, but I did not. I kept my cool and did not commit murder. Orange is a good color on me, but I am claustrophobic. Those cells scare me. *shivers*.
I nominate these lovely bloggers for an award:


  1. Wow! A new award! I love this one. Thank you so much!!


  2. Congratulations on your trophy! You did a great job.

  3. Congrats! Triumph indeed; pets can drive anyone bonkers! Good thing they're cute (usually) :)