Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dates 2 Diapers was born

This is how my blog received its name. It took me forever to think of a title. I needed one that would stand out. And dates 2 diapers don't really stand out all that much, but isn't this how most of us bloggers started out? Going on dates and then changing diapers?

The dating I think was the hardest. For me at least. I was so nervous. I started liking him in high school. He, of course, paid no attention to me. It wasn't that he was stuck up, he was just focused. Focused in school, JROTC, all that. He was gorgeous to me. He was so handsome and he was perfect to me. Always, during lunch, had headphones and was just there. I was kind of already in love. High school in love.

He was a grade higher than me. He graduated and left and I was to finish out my senior year. He came back to visit and I had to make my move. I wanted him to be mine. We exchanged numbers and I felt like he was ignoring me every time I made an attempt to talk to him. He proved me wrong. We started dating and hit it off. The flirting, the smiles, the looks. I was so nervous. About us dating. He was a handsome, good looking man, and I always thought I was less than average looking. Isn't that how it goes, us women thinking so highly of our men and thinking so little of us? (In High school)

We was later married on June 3, 2006. I was pregnant with our oldest. Now, 7 years later here we are. 3 beautiful children and us annoying each other.

Isn't that what marriage is? Annoying each other? We find, if we stop the annoyance, it means our love is no longer there. This is our way of saying I LOVE YOU each and every day. Of course, with limitations.

So, this is how my husband and I met, and how the title of my blog came about :) Its not a fairytale romance, a novel, or some comedic story of an embarrassing moment that brought us together. Its a simple story of 2 coming together.

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  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing your blog on MamaGeeks. :)