Friday, August 23, 2013


Its FLY ON THE WALL time! It's my first fly on the wall post and I must admit I am nervous. Not about writing, but that my little fly on the wall fell asleep at all the boredom. I will write what is happening and hopefully, you can stay awake during it :)

~~"LANDON, QUIT PRACTICING KARATE ON YOUR SISTER" as he tries to KARATE chop her in the throat. You would think that my oldest would be the one to torture her siblings. No, its my youngest. Is it the fact he is a boy?

~~"OUCH YOU STUPID SON OF A B***H WHY DID THEY ADD THE STAIRS HERE?" I say this every day. As I have mentioned, in an award, I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I seem to hit the same spot on my body and the stairs every day. You would think my mind would get the hint.

~~I am supposed to be cleaning because we have a guest coming over for dinner. He has been kind enough to allow us to use his vehicle so my husband can go clear the post.(He goes to different buildings on post and has them sign them stating that he owes no money, no debt, no damage to them) What am I doing besides cleaning? Why blogging of course! Why not?!

~~I hate the fact my bed is in the living room. We have this huge window in the living room and our cat likes to jump on the ledge of it to sunbathe, but he opens the blinds as he does it. And our clothes are in suitcases, next to said bed. I shower upstairs and forget to bring my clothes, so I must come down in a towel. Lo and behold, blinds open, people are walking by. Luckily, I will never see these people again(hopefully they don't think I will continue to do this and make an attempt to be casually walking by again)

~~Its hard to entertain kids with no TV(netflix doesn't count) and no toys. So keeping the kids out of trouble and making sure the house stays clean and free of damages is extremely hard. This gave me an idea for an episode of DIRTY JOBS(if you have never watched it, don't.)

Still awake? Not much fun going on lol. But this is what the fly caught before snoozing away!

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  1. Your blog is beautiful. Love the look.

    And I'm totally with you, I'd much rather blog than clean the house.

  2. Agreed. Keeping a house clean and no toys is a Dirty Job... I always forget to close the blinds too, and I am always getting puked on or spilling something on my shirt and running upstairs shirtless, well, I am the first house in the subdivision so lots of peeps have had the chance to count my stretch marks...

  3. YES, it is definitely because he is a boy!!! LOL I have 3 boys and 2 girls. You never hear me yell at the girls to stop going all ninja on someone! ;)

  4. At least you had a towel!!!
    Welcome to the craziness. Keep 'em coming.

  5. The karate chopping--oh yes, I remember this move with my kids. And YES, it's because he is a boy. My youngest did the same things. When that got boring, he also liked to pick up things like irons and Barbie cars and throw them at his siblings....fortunately he outgrew that phase.....

  6. I swear we have an extra stair too! I'm always falling up them.
    It's always the youngest kids who are the wildest! Maybe I'm just saying that because my younger two are boys. Love your post. Lay your pillow along the blinds so the cat will give you a bit more sleep. :)

  7. I know you'll be so happy when you move. Even if you aren't coming to KY (Yes, I'm still grumbling about that....)

  8. There you go-there is no way that any man would do the "dirty" job of a mom! That would be like some sort of Survivor challenge, HA HA!

  9. Oh the days of clearing post. That seems so long ago...cough it was. Now, the leaving the clothes and coming downstairs in a towel, that's funny. Being military you MIGHT see those people again. :)