Friday, December 20, 2013


DUN DUN DUN! It is time for FLY ON THE WALL. I have only done one other of these. I have been behind on my blogging and the rest of my life. My mind has wandered off and I can't find it. 

Ok so the deal is about 15 of us bloggers post little snippets of our daily routine. As if you was a fly on the wall in our homes. I will post the links to the other bloggers after I write my snippets(make you read it all so you can't just bail out) I know I am evil. 

I don't want to get up. "SHUT UP" I thought to myself as my alarm went off. Why do I feel hungover? I didn't even drink last night. Is that possible? OMG ITS SO HOTT!!!!! 

Why must my vacuum hose keep breaking? Bring on the duct tape(I have marvel superheroes duct tape. ITS AWESOME!!!) I have stuck like 4 rows of tape on it. Why isn't the super powers of all them coming together to make my hose work?

My kids want cereal and frozen waffles for breakfast(I made them myself so a little healthy) So I give them what they want and they decide they aren't hungry anymore. Great. All that work for nothing. 

My husband had early release today(they have been doing 1 day on and 1 day off) and he has all next week off. He came home went out back and decided to burn things(He loves fire). And he started it about 2 and it was 6 and still going. 

My husband cooked dinner(yes I have an awesome husband). I didn't even ask. He offered. I loved it. I love going to the store and coming home and smelling what my husband was cooking(HA THE ROCKS FAVORITE LINE)

I am lame I know. It is now 754 and I am sitting on my butt writing this blog while my husband yells at his video game and my kids are asking me to do everything little thing for them :/.

This was my day. So now that you are bored and falling asleep I will pass on the fly to the other bloggers

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  1. My vacuum hose is evil as well.
    We're sporting cheetah print tape on ours. :)

  2. I hate the sleep deprivation hangover... It's such a tease...

  3. "He went out back and burned things." Do all men love fire? We have duct tape with bacon on it. I now want to put a hole in my vacuum hose just to show it off :)