Friday, January 17, 2014


Welcome to a new challenge Karen(Baking in a tornado) has created. She is always creating all these new challenges and I am always like YES ME OOH ME I WANT TO DO IT! And then I forget until the last minute or flake out, or my computer loses it. I am excited. 

My words/phrases were submitted by Battered Hope. I just found her blog and love her! 
 I won't tell you my words or phrases, I will highlight them. I figured telling you ahead of time would ruin the element of my post.

On Wednesday of this week, my toddler had his shots. Well he isn't a toddler anymore. He is now a big boy. He cried a little bit, which in turn made me cry. Luckily, my husband was there to help. It made my husband look sexy doing that. Helping out. It always does. He promised him some candy after the doctors appointment. (Bribery always works for my kids). 

This morning, it smelled like something was burning in my kitchen and it reminded me of when we was living in Hawaii and my oven caught fire. Yeah, that was loads of fun! I yelled for my husband. I panicked. I would not do well in another situation like that. My kids thought it was awesome to see FIRE IN THE OVEN! I thought it would blow up and in turn blow up the entire house. 

Karen, posted this yummy recipe a few months back or a year ago and I tried to recreate it. I was cooking up a storm, thinking OH YEA I GOT THIS! I love chocolate mousse. OH YEA WHO IS THE BAD ONE IN THE KITCHEN?! I am the bad one because I failed miserably at the recipe. I didn't have an item and I substituted, but the substitution didn't mix right. I am surprised food poisoning didn't hit me from the taste test I did. It was horrible. I decided to leave Karen's recipes to her and just lick my screen. Not tasty, but healthy and I don't mess up my kitchen over a failed attempt. Its a win/somewhat win in my book. 

I bought this box of CHICKEN IN A BISKIT. Who loves these? I DO! I can eat an entire box in one sitting. Yes I know, I should be ashamed, but these are addictive! Even my husband likes them. And when he eats them, I glare at him like NO THEY ARE MINE. And I want to turn into those birds from FINDING NEMO. The MINE birds. But I share. I was taught to share and I try to lol. I end up eating them later on or a different day and not sharing the rest. I am terrible.

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  1. Great job using your words, and giving us some insight into what goes on in your home. Glad you met the challenge.

  2. First of all, I LOVE Chicken in a Biskets! My daughter and I eat them all the time. I learned long ago that licking the screen not only saves a mess in the kitchen, it also saves calories!

  3. I love what you did with my words -- you gave me a big smile for this dreary cold day! I also sincerely appreciate your nice comment about my blog. That was very kind. I am glad we are now connected. I will follow you as well. you must read my chocolate mousse cake story here -- I know you will like it.

  4. Lovely story. I think everyone of your readers wants a husband like yours. It is nice to have someone who helps out. It is definitely sexy. You worked the words in well.