Friday, February 7, 2014

I peed myself...I think?!

ITS SWAP DAY!! Whoo hoo! 12 bloggers had sent in prompts, Karen mixed them up in a hat, wine glass, shoe, whatever was handy(I prefer to use the wine glass) and then sent them out to each other. No one knows who got their prompt until today.

I got my prompt from Single Mum and it is:

What is the most awkward situation you have ever been in?

I don't think I have very many awkward situations. I tend to either avoid those or just turn it in my favor, but I do have one that's not so awkward, but funny. 

I had surgery of June 2012. I was 24. An adult of some sort. I had my gallbladder removed. I was told the process and all that. I was so freaked out that my surgeon approved for a relaxer in my IV. It made me fall asleep. I didn't get to ask any questions(like the first gazillion I asked wasn't enough).

I remember waking up in the recovery room. Being asked the year if I was ok, in pain, the normal. I guess? Well I feel wetness. The first thing I blurt out is I PEED MYSELF. OMG! The nurse says ITS OK IT HAPPENS. I am still groggy arguing NO ITS NOT. I WAS TOLD I WOULD HAVE A CATHETER I SHOULDN'T OF PEED MYSELF. (I trust by now you are laughing. I did a few months later). We went back and forth about my peeing on myself. It was a mess. 

I get wheeled out to the room to get dressed and everything and I am changing my clothes and I realize I did not pee on myself. It was sweat. Just sticky, smelly sweat. I was sweating so bad and it was cold in the hospital. I checked the sheet, I checked my undies no pee. 

Imagine how relieved I was I didn't pee on myself, then it hit me. I argued with a nurse about me peeing on myself and I didn't pee on myself. How does that happen!? What else did they give me? All I kept thinking was man this is not good. You may think WELL AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T PEE ON YOURSELF. And you are right, but I argued I did and I didn't. I just went home and slept. I tried to forget all about it, but I couldn't. I am glad I didn't because then I wouldn't have a post to write about. 

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  1. I woke up from my gallbladder surgery crying for my Mommy.

    I was 24 as

  2. I was in such terrible pain from mine that when I woke up from the surgery I actually felt 100 times better than when I went in to the ER. LOL

  3. See? The awkward moments make for great posts :) I came out of a lumpectomy asking if I still had both nipples. Multiple times. My husband was a bit embarrassed….for me. :)

  4. My husband doesn't like losing control so he wakes up from anesthesia angry until he figures out where he is and remembers what's going on. I tease him ahead of time when I tell the nurses that when he starts waking up, they should duck!

  5. I understand, when I had my surgery, it does feel like you're wetting yourself with the cathered in.

  6. Did you know that catheters can leak? Mine did. I was in my late 30s, and I wet the bed!! I was really glad the nurse said "it's OK, it happens" - even if it may not be true.
    Glad you can laugh about it now. How is life without your gallbladder?
    PS: How does one AVOID awkward situations? I need to know!

    1. Ok. I still need to watch my greasy food, dairy and fried foods intake. No more pain, but my weight is fluctuating like crazy! And avoiding awkward situations takes a lot of practice. For me, I don't leave my house. I sometimes go crazy, but I rather be crazy in my home than outdoors lol.

  7. Well that makes me a little glad I've never had to have major surgery. The only time I was ever given knock out gas I woke up laughing. And I also hadn't peed myself so we've got that in common. Well done with this post, I'm glad you couldn't find anything really awkward like I could have. I'd probably still be typing if this subject was mine.

  8. I had surgery last year and when I was in the recovery room the nurse told me not to go online for at least a day because the after effects of the drugs can make you say really crazy stuff. I was all like "yea right". So I stayed offline but said really weird stuff to the person next to me!

  9. I LOVE IT...I once got caught in traffic on my normally 50 min commute home. I had to pee and pulled over and peed on the side of the road as cars drove by, thankfully it was many years ago, I think if it was now I would have ended up on youtube. Though now I have my son's old car potty...I still keep it in case I need it, LOLOL

  10. Thank you for the giggle!! This reminded of my first CT scan with contrast. I've had so many at this point, they're no big deal. My first one was a huge deal. I was nervous enough as it was without there being any complications, but there was a complication. A big one. I peed my hospital gown. Right there on the CT machine. It was awful. I was embarrassed and mortified. When the Super cute tech came back in after my scan, I was in tears. I started apologizing. Begging him to forgive me. He asked what was wrong. I told him how I had peed on his machine. He then told me I didn't. I told him I did. Then he told me he forgot to tell me the contrast makes you feel like you've peed your pants. Huh?! I checked. Nope, no accident. I could've smacked him. In the end I was grateful my bladder hadn't failed me, though I was embarrassed by my crying fit.
    I'm glad your surgery was successful. Thank you for sharing this!