Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh what fun it is to be in the household-Fly on the Wall

Welcome! It's another addition of FLY ON THE WALL!!!  *audience applause*

I always wanted an audience!! You guys are too kind to stop by! Oh stop it, you're embarrassing me!!

Yea, I like the attention! So, Karen setup FLY ON THE WALL! 14 of us bloggers write tidbits about what it would be like if they was a FLY ON THE WALL in our daily lives.

The other day I let our puppy go outside to use the potty and play a little bit. I left her out there about 30 minutes. To make sure she went. I hear scratching on my door and I go to open it. I hesitate. She is soaked from head to toe! She decided to dip in the pool and go for a swim!! I get a towel, let her in, and start to attempt to dry her off. Got some of her dry. She then decides to jump on my couch and rub her wet back all over it.

She thinks she is part cat. She lays on my windowsill with our cats and sunbathes. She will lay on the back of our couch. She never lasts long. She is too big.

I call her CATDOG! (like the cartoon.) She will lay there all day and just sunbathe.

I am getting my kids back on a school schedule. They go back the 18th. I will have 2 in school now. It will be so weird to just have my son with me at home alone. I won't have to hear about any fighting, but I know he will get bored and miss his sisters. He is ready for school, but can't start until next year. He is the only one who can start at 5 and not at 6. Its weird how they set that up. Have to be 5 by a certain time. I remember we could go as soon as we hit the age of 5. That was the only requirement.

We are doing a big move in January. I am excited! My husband will be attending college! So happy for him! The kids are excited about this move! Its a warm place with a beach and no snow. They hate the snow! First time seeing real snow in their lives and they hate it after 1 time!!

Yea, we are excited! I am a little more excited about the fact that this
place is in Florida! I am all out POTTERHEAD!! I am not ashamed to admit it!! My husband is excited about DisneyWorld! I think just as excited as the kids.

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  1. Congratulations on going back to school - the kids and, well, the husband!
    Great news on moving to Miami :-)

  2. I want to go to the Harry Potter park! Aaaaaa! So jealous! Congratulations on your husband getting to go to school. My husband did that too!

  3. Oooh. Good luck on your move. I've always wanted to live where there wasn't any snow. And living in a place where you can visit the world of Harry Potter on a regular basis? That's just icing on the cake!
    I love that your dog sunbathes... :)

  4. YAY for your upcoming move!!!! So glad you are excited about it!! Of course, being that close to The Wizarding World of HP would have me excited, too. I am such a huge fan!!!!

  5. Wow, what a great place to move to. Congratulations to your husband, going to college will be a great experience for him.

  6. it;'s so fun to wet someone else's couch...LOL...silly dog

    congrats on teh big move and your hubby going to college...

  7. From Potterhead to Potterhead: JEALOUS! I want to go to Universal Studios sooooo bad!

  8. I have met some catdogs -- and I always enjoy stories of pet escapades.

    Carol of