Thursday, July 17, 2014

Use your words

It's that time again. A few of us bloggers were brought together by Karen to write a post using 4-6 words given to us by other bloggers. I made it sound more complicated than what it is, but I wanted to sound like I know how to write.

I filled out an application for a job that Karen had posted. It asked about decibel level in music or something. I have no rhythm whatsoever. The decibel level I have, does not yet have a name. Rhythm, well, let's just say there is no name for my rhythm either. I am above my level. I am like on the peace level. Yea, I am a mellow don't know what the hell I am doing level.

I am writing a book. I am wanting to write more books, but this one book is taking forever to write. I have been writing steadily for about 3 months now and I am only on chapter 2. I am backtracking and rewriting, and adding, and changing, and adding, and rewriting, and adding. Its such a hassle!!! It is a huge challenge getting this stuff done. I hope it gets easier and it becomes a best seller. Or a somewhat good seller.

In high school, I used to volunteer for a company called ICAAN. We helped train service dogs. It was a wonderful experience and I loved it. I want to volunteer again, but its hard with 3 kids, school, writing a book, and me needing free time. I bring this up because my kids are always seeing dogs with service vests on in stores and places we go and want to run up and pet them. I am trying to explain to them why they can't do that. Any of your kids ever do this before? My kids get upset because they love pets, but I always tell them to ask before petting any pet, especially a service dog. Maybe I can get them into a similar program.

These are my words. I messed up the image, but don't judge. I tried very hard for 45 minutes to get this right and it still looks like crap. That' ok. Its the creative thought that counts :)

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  1. Aw, I understand wanting to pet service dogs. ICAAN sounds like a wonderful organization.
    Good luck on your book! It takes me forever just to knock out a blog post :)

  2. Very cool way to display your words.
    I know exactly what you mean about your book. I wrote 2 pieces for mine and then edited them both down to about 2 words each. I'm hoping to try again this fall.

  3. I went to school for Veterinary Technology, so I definitely think it's awesome you would volunteer your time to train service dogs. I'm raising my kids to respect dogs-in-training that are out in public. You know kids... they want to touch and pet every adorable thing they come across. :)

    As for your book, if you find the way you're doing it isn't working for you, try writing the entire first draft (the whole book) before editing. I've had reasonable success with my writing that way. Good luck!

  4. You did a great job with your scrabble / crossword picture!
    Writing a book sounds like achieving a life goal to me… how real authors publish a new one every year or so is beyond me.

  5. Just keep writing.

    It sucks, it is frustrating, but will be worth it.

    P.s. Your little crossword picture is cute!