Friday, September 20, 2013

I auditioned for Blogger Idol...thank goodness I don't have to sing

Blogger Idol. What does that remind you of? American Idol perhaps? Blogger idol is a spin off from American idol. Instead of showing off your vocal chords, you get to show off your finger chords(uh, uh, see what I did there?)

Its a chance to receive free publicity,  meet other amazing bloggers, win prizes and show off what you can do. The prizes they are giving away are amazing:

See? Aren't these amazing prizes? I hope the best for each and every blogger. I know there are some amazing, talented bloggers participating. 

Now, for the pimping. Whu-Whaaat!!

They have TWITTER
They have FACEBOOK
They have a URL

Go like, go follow, go tweet. Pimp them out.

Don't forget to go to their facebook and tell them you want me in the Top 12 :)

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